Tattoo Inquiries:

****** BOOKS ARE CLOSED*******

I am no longer taking inquiries to be added to my waitlist. I am expecting to re-open my books some time in early-mid 2021.


If you write in with a tattoo inquiry, you will be automatically added to my info email list and I will send periodic updates to you about my scheduling and things I am doing. You will not be in my queue for scheduling though

I try to book 2 months at a time and those will be going to people already on my waitlist.

Inquiries are gone through in order of when they were sent in. If I can quote the piece, I will provide an estimate, otherwise we may need to do a consultation. 

Once my books open, you’ll be contacted directly with your estimate and we will try to find a time that works for doing the tattoo. If we find a good time, we will then collect a $200 deposit to lock in your time for you. If a deposit has not been placed, then you do not have a tattoo scheduled with me.

Just do me a favor and please keep track of our email correspondence because if we do not hear back from you, we will move on to the next person.



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